Integrative Counselling

Hello. My name is Sophie - I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor, which means I have knowledge and understanding of different therapeutic approaches. This combined with  a person-centred ethos means that I work with you to understand what it is you would like from counselling, and tailor my approach to you. This might simply be offering a space to talk and be heard, or it may be offering some tools and techniques for moving forward. Sometimes, you might not know exactly what it is you would like from counselling - and that is okay too. We work together to create a therapeutic space that is as beneficial as possible for you. 

Clients come with a wide range of issues and concerns to explore, such as anxiety and depression, stress, self-esteem/body image, LGBTQ+/gender identity, neurodiversity, trauma and relationships/attachment.

I have a special interest in working with trauma, and I have experience in supporting survivors of a wide range of traumatic life events. These include but are not limited to; domestic abuse, medical trauma, childhood sexual abuse and other adverse childhood experiences. I believe that trauma and the consequences of experiencing trauma can be felt from a wide range of human experiences, that don’t necessarily fit into the descriptions above. 

I also have a strong passion for working with disability and impairment, stemming from my work as a Personal Assistant. This role gave me the knowledge and understanding to allow me to embed myself in The Social Model of Disability, whereby it is not a person’s impairment that disables them, but the largely inaccessible society that we live in.

I am currently offering a limited number of face-to-face and Zoom sessions from my counselling room in Sheffield.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about an initial appointment to see whether this might be a good fit for you, please use the enquiry box below and I will aim to respond to you within 24 hours.


This tree is a delightful depiction of growth ... rarely straightforward 😂 🌱

I hope this bank holiday has looked however it needed to for you 💛

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I'm still feeling the benefit from the reflective retreat I attended with my friend @alexindia63, and lots of other lovely women in healing professions, in the Peak District this weekend. This may or may not have been followed by a stay in a local spa hotel...🤗. All in the name of self-care!

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Back 🤗. A break from Instagram has proved to be a beneficial thing for me, and something I will be doing more regularly I think... 

I hope this rainy Friday is treating you well, and you have a restful weekend lined up✌

Take care 🌿
I'm taking a short break from the socials 😊 but I am still contactable over email or alternatively, visit my website - link in bio ✨
This is the counselling room I share with a handful of my lovely fellow @theacademys.p.a.c.e  graduates, on Wilkinson St, Sheffield. The room itself is bright, yet cosy and is tucked up in the attic of a beautiful Sheffield building, which is shared with other health and wellbeing folks. 

If you have any questions about the room or accessibility, drop me a DM and we can chat about your queries. 

Have a happy Friday everyone ✨ hope you can make the most of this glorious winter sunshine 🌤️

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Happy Monday everyone 🌻I hope yours is treating you kindly. 

I have some upcoming availability for Friday morning face-to-face or Zoom sessions. If you are curious about working together, drop me a DM or visit my website where you can reach out with any questions you might have. 

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I came home to these beautiful blooms yesterday ☺️. They make me smile every time I see them.

They kept me company this morning during my remote BACP Proficiency exam... fingers crossed they brought me good luck! ☘️

What small things have made you smile today?
So...only a week and a bit late (!) but here we are in 2022 ✨. I hope you all had the new year you wished for. I have been quiet on here, as I have been easing back into a routine and reconnecting with it feels as though the year is really underway (aided by a new diary and pen ☺️). 

Now our practice room is ready, I will be offering a small amount of face to face sessions on Friday mornings from Broomhall, Sheffield. If you feel like you might like to explore this more, feel free to DM, email or visit my website for more information 🙂. 

Let's see what this year has to bring us ✨
Spot the imposter! 😺🌲

My out of office is very nearly on ... counting down to Christmas Eve ✨🙂

I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish you and yours a restful break, however that might look like for you. It can be a rough old time of year, as well as joyful, and this year especially so. So take care, celebrate how you need to, and thank you for being part of this page. 

Looking forward now to 2022 and what it may bring ✨
Something exciting arrived today 🙂☝🏼

I'm feeling proud to share this and happy to be listed on the @thenationalcounsellingsociety website. I will soon be offering a few face to face sessions in a lovely room in central Sheffield. DM, email or check out my listing on NCS for more information 🙂✨

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Some kind words ✨
It's that time of year again. When I read this last November, I decided I would ritually read it at the turn of the late seasons each year. @katherinemay_ 's description and exploration of wintering - what it means to us as humans to experience a 'winter' in our psyche, different winter traditions and rituals from across the world and her own personal experience of wintering, is a gorgeously cosy, honest and reflective  piece of writing. It simply begs to be read whilst under a blanket, with candles flickering and a hot mug of something to sip on.

Highly recommended for a slow Sunday afternoon ❄️🍁🕯️